Creating solutions to support our customers

We are proud to share our experience in machining process with our partners. Our research and development centre has 4 Topsolid CAD (Computer Aided Design) licenses. With this, we can study your mechanical projects and propose our technical solutions.

We can provide support during the first stages of development for your design projects, giving advice to choose the optimal material. Our expertise on the machining processes will be at your disposal to guide you on the definition of geometry and raw material.

As such, our engineering services fan the whole design process; from advise on the initial drafts all the way to complete design of the part.

In effect, over the basis of the costumer requirements that we can build together, we will study and then create the special machinery requested. These special machines can then be installed by our team in your premises.

We  can also reverse engineer 3D models from parts for which you no longer have the definition, thanks to our 3D scanner.

The design of equipments for conditioning lines is one of our specialties. If you want to know more, follow the link to our dedicated website: