Expert on complex machining

At SERN, we have managed to adapt our machining tools to answer the specific needs of our customers. Our milling sector has modern technologies and tools in order to be able to create precise machined parts.

We use state of the art software to control our 5 axis milling machines (5 machines with 5 continuous axis). Thanks to our 6 CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) licenses, our expert operators are able to program even the most complex machinable shapes.

Our machines allow us to create small or large parts with high level of precision (maximum travels: 3000mm x 1250mm x 800mm).

We also count with a variety of fixtures for our CNC machines, like:

  • Suction table with quick positioning
  • Suction table for precision
  • Modular precision machine vice
  • Magnetic table with square poles
  • Magnetic table with parallel poles
  • Clamping table
  • V-blocks
  • Chucks
  • + various standard and specific clamping elements
our fabrications